Wiklina, wyroby 
The daughter of Pharaoh found the Moses in a wicker basket ...
We know already, that the basketry was known many centuries ago. And we all - producers and users - have noticed, that it has its renascence today.
The popularity of the ecological wicker products has come back not only to Poland, but also to all EC-Countries and the USA. It is possible to make almost everything of wicker, from simplest baskets through newspaper containers, baskets for animals to tables and chairs.
The producers of wicker goods are very glad of the high demand for their products. The greatest center of basketry is in the Podkarpacie region today. However, a long time is needed to bring a product to the client. The wicker must grow up, then be prepared and not till then the products can be plaited. The wicker is a shrubby willow species, which can be cultivated in soils of IV as well V class. The cultivation is not difficult today. However, problems with weeds and pests can occur at the beginning.
Wicker planted in spring can be harvested in autumn - not as raw material for basket-work making, but as material, which can serve for reproduction. It increases in number by pieces of cut shoot, which become rooted in the soil.
The wicker is mowed after the end of its vegetation period, after the leaves have fallen down (November - March). The 60, 80 and 100 cm mowed shrubbery shoots are the raw material for decorative product manufacturing, the longer ones - 120, 140 and 160 cm - for baskets and container manufacturing and the uncut wicker forms after 2-4 years sticks, which are used for wicker furniture production. They can also replace the rattan.
The basketry becomes more and more popular and the customers buy more and more basketry products. Such wicker handicraft products decorate our houses, don't they? So we strongly encouraged to purchase.

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