Wiklina, wyroby 
Our company has been present in the basketry market since 1990. It has been established by Zbigniew Płodzień and he has been the owner till today. In 1999 the domicile of the company was moved to the new-built object in Jasionka near Rzeszów.
We employ a dozen or so employees today. By arduous and scrupulous work the staff contributes to the company successes. We are famous for our very wide assortment in the particular product groups (decorative baskets, shopping baskets, picnic baskets, chests, containers, flower fancy goods, garden baskets and wicker furniture, baskets for animals, newspaper containers, fire-place baskets, shelves and baby-carriages). We manufacture our own products, as well as according to designs of our customers. We can deliver the ordered products using our own means of transport.
All the products are presented in this service in the basic amounts. However, we are able to produce goods of any dimensions, in accordance with the requirements of the clients.
The basketry is considered in Poland to be the artistic handicraft, therefore our products posses the attests of the Polish Commission of Art and Ethnography.
This web presentation is one of the elements of the promotion of our company.
We hope, you understand, that these page presents only examples of our production possibilities. Among approx. 1500 existing designs we have distinguished some product groups and presented some examples for each of them.

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